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About Limes at Wongawallan    

The first trees were planted in 1998 in a secluded valley in the shadow of Tamborine Mountainin the in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Surrounding the orchard is natural bush land which provides hundreds of varieties of birds and wildlife. Closer to home are gardens of natives, camellias and roses, well guarded by families of much loved Dewlap Toulouse and Chinese geese.

The limes are picked, sorted and packed by hand and delivered to the Brisbane markets and other customers within 24 hours of leaving the tree.

In the Wongawallan orchard there are 14 varieties of limes, and numerous other citrus and fruits but have commercial plantings of Tahitian Limes, Kaffir Limes, and Australian Native Finger Limes.

Our non commercial varieties are Gympie or Round Limes, Blood Lime, Sunrise Lime, West Indian or Mexican Lime, Calamanci or Native Philippine Lime, Mt White Lime, Desert Lime, and Sydney-cross Finger Lime, Australian sweet lime, Ragpur or mandrin Lime and the very rare Russell River lime.

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